…I’m lucky because my sister didn’t die in a mass shooting. She was less than two miles away at work. So yeah, I’m lucky. Her boyfriend wasn’t murdered because he was on his way to run a route. Again, I’m lucky. Today, I get to be asked by multiple people if my loved one is okay. And I’m lucky because I can tell them that they are.

But today there are families that are getting phone calls telling them that their loved one was shot inside a Walmart while they were shopping. They aren’t so lucky. They aren’t fortunate. They aren’t blessed by God. They are destroyed. They are the ones who are going to need to deal with this trauma for possibly the rest of their lives.

This world we live in, for lack of a better word, is totally and completely FUCKED. I shouldn’t have to be sitting here shaking, crying, waiting the most excruciating 12 minutes of my life for a text back from my sister confirming that she is alive.

Every time there is a mass shooting, I die a little more inside. The fear in me grows just enough to keep me awake at night for a few minutes longer. Today is the day where this event was too close to home. I could have lost someone I love, but I didn’t because, remember, I’m lucky.

And while this might seem like it’s about me, it’s not. Today was just the day where I hit my breaking point. Where I came to truly realize the magnitude of these situations. This is bigger than me, bigger than you, and bigger than everyone. Lives are lost every day because of senseless violence but it doesn’t seem like anyone actually cares enough to do anything about this.

People send thoughts and prayers and that’s great that people have strong enough faith to think that prayers will change things. But it doesn’t seem like the prayers have worked. The thoughts have done NOTHING. People are still massacred by the dozens.

Something needs to change. We all argue about guns and morals and rights, but fuck all of that. Honestly. Morally, MURDERING INNOCENT PEOPLE IS WRONG. Guns are in the hands of the WRONG people.

I’m not saying get rid of the guns, at all. I’m a firm believer that people should live the life they want to and if that includes being a gun owner, more power to you. What I’m saying is there needs to be more restrictions on who can have access to guns. What is it going to take for people to understand this? Do you need your family members to be slaughtered in cold blood? Change needs to happen and soon.

Today, I was lucky. But what if tomorrow, I’m not? What if tomorrow, you’re not?



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