Falling Behind

I hate feeling like I’m falling behind in life. I see all my friends getting married and having ~gorgeous~ babies and moving in with their fiancés and boyfriends while I’m still chillin in my parents house trying to save money and get my shit together. Finish my degree. Wrap up my next teaching certification.

The thing is, I’m a huge fan of instant gratification, so if I can have something now, I want it. NOW. No questions asked. Realistically though, that’s not how life is set up. Some decisions like moving out and marriage and children need to be taken seriously, slowly, and carefully and I always have to tell myself that. Remind myself that things will happen when they are meant to happen.

Just because my friends have things I want doesn’t mean I’m not doing well for myself. I’m me and they are them. What they are doing doesn’t determine how well I’m doing and what I’m doing doesn’t determine how well they’re doing.

The society drenched in social media influence that we have created around ourselves has given us such unrealistic expectations of what our lives *should* be like by the time we are 21 or 25 or 30. The bottom line is this: there’s no set path to success. The life I’m choosing for myself works. I WANT my degrees, and I WANT my certifications. I WANT children and to be a wife, but that isn’t my priority at this moment. I’m young and want to enjoy this chapter of my life before moving on to my next phase. I want to be ready to enjoy it when it happens on its own pace.

Even when it feels like I’m off track, I have to stop myself and get reacquainted with the thought that I don’t have to be doing what everyone else is doing. I have my own rhythm, and even when I’m off beat I keep moving forward until I get back on track.

Looking at what others have won’t make you happy. Comparing your timeline to theirs won’t make you happy.

Looking at what you have in life and appreciating the gifts you have will make you happy. Owning your choices, sticking to your own rhythm, and living a life you’re proud of is all you gotta do. Don’t let society tell you otherwise.



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