I have a sister. An older one.

She lives in a different city, has different hobbies, different ideas of what is fun, likes different movies and T.V. shows, expresses her emotions differently than I do, thinks differently. We only have ~maybe~ a handful of things in common (probably more, but that’s not the point). People say we are like Night and Day.

She is the Day. Warm and full of life. Bright. Fresh. Spilling over with laughter and loudness. Fun follows her wherever she goes. She can make any situation entertaining and is always the life of the party. She is wild and carefree like a summer day. Her life is a sunrise, brining new opportunities with each coming day. She is sunshine weathering the roughest storms, breaking through the clouds stronger than before.

I am the Night. Calm and quiet. Still. Reserved and secretive – sharing only what needs to be shared under the soft glow of starlight. I’m the black canvas of sky, full of glimmers of wisdom and whimsy, dotted with shimmers of life visible to those who know where to look. I thrive in my own company and my soul rejuvenates with solitude. I am an endless expanse of possibility.

Opposite as we may be, Night follows Day as Day follows Night. Day cannot exist without Night, nor Night without Day. We move together in harmony creating a diurnal cycle. We hold our own place in the sky, and through time, have learned when the other needs more time to shine. We create balance and harmony within each other and within the family. We bring out something special in each other.

She is my Day and I am her Night.

even when she annoys me


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