Here I am

If you know me, you know I’m impulsive, so here I am at 11:58 pm on a Thursday night making a blog for reasons I don’t even understand..? Should I be sleeping? Probably. But am I? Nope. I’m blogging!

I felt like a blog would be a good way to sort through my life and keep track of everything that matters to me (because social media isn’t cutting it anymore), but then I realized, I’m not THAT interesting. I’m exceptionally normal. I teach (its my first year), I coach soccer and track (also my first year), am working towards getting my Masters Degree, am doing training to receive another professional teaching certificate, and take naps pretty much all the time. Busy – and tired – is an understatement. Despite not being interesting, I have a lot to say… sometimes I’ll rant, sometimes I’ll cry, sometimes I’ll share short stories I’ve written, sometimes I might just ramble on about nothing in particular.

But somewhere between all of the mundane chaos and stress in my life, and in the midsts of finding what makes me interesting, here I am, wanting to share a little bit more of myself with the world.

Whatever brought you to my blog, I hope you see a little of yourself in it.


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